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TRAIN and STUDY in Milan

Remember, success in sports is not solely defined by athletic achievements but also by personal growth, character development, and the ability to adapt to various facets of life.

Future Champions Camps around the world

Chicago Fencing Camp
Chicago, USA

June 21st-26th, 2024 - Sabre Session

Orlando Fencing Camp
Orlando, USA
Epee Fencing Camp
March 18th to 22nd 2024
SMC "Fencing with the Olympiads" tournament
March 17th 2024
Seattle Fencing Camp
Seattle, USA
22 - 26 June 2024 - Epee Session
Tirrenia Fencing Camp
Tirrenia, Italy
19-24 August - Epee Session
24-29 August - Foil Session
Ottawa Fencing Camp
Ottawa, Canada
Epee&Foil Fencing Camp March 13th to 16th 2024 Competition March 17th 2024
Las Vegas Fencing Camp
Las Vegas, USA
13 - 15 March 2024 - Epee Camp
Istanbul Fencing Camp
Istanbul, Turkey
24 - 29 June 2024 Foil Session   
San Diego Fencing Camp Epee
San Diego, USA
June 17 - 21, 2024 Epee Session
Toronto Fencing Camp
Toronto, Canada
July 10th - 14th 2024 - Epee-Foil Session
Washington Fencing Camp 2024
Washington DC, USA
September 28th - October 3rd - Epee Session

Future Champions Academy Launch Event at Piccolo Teatro Milano – June 28

We are delighted to announce a momentous event on June 28: the official launch of the Future Champions Academy (FCA). This event, marking the culmination of the fencing…

Alice Volpi FCC 2023 World Fencing Championships

FCC’s triumph at the 2023 Fencing World Championships in Milan

A tale of ambition, passion, and relentless pursuit of excellence: this is how we define the chronicle of FCC’s triumph at the 2023 World Fencing Championships in Milan!…

FCC staff European Fencing Games 2023

Victorious and Vibrant: FCC Staff Conquer the European Games 2023

Hold on to your fencing masks, folks, because we have some extraordinary news to share! Our talented staff members have triumphed at the European Games 2023 in Krakow,…


“It was a great experience. I loved the opportunity to make new acquaintances and train seriously but at the same time have fun with friends.”

Lucas, Lille 🇫🇷

“The Camp gave me the motivation to start this sporting year on a high note!”

Anne, Münster 🇩🇪

“Training with kids from many different countries and share great time with Olympic champions was something unique.”

Fabrizio, Pisa 🇮🇹

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