Victorious and Vibrant: FCC Staff Conquer the European Games 2023

Hold on to your fencing masks, folks, because we have some extraordinary news to share!

Our talented staff members have triumphed at the European Games 2023 in Krakow, bringing Italy and our fencing camp organization on the top…AGAIN


In WOMEN’S SABER category, THEODORA GKOUNTOURA secured an impressive Bronze Medal, displaying her outstanding performance and determination.

Speaking to the press she quickly showed her uncontainable joy:

It honestly feels like a dream, I just finished my junior year without any medals so I am very happy for this one. I tried to focus only on what is important and I still cannot believe it happened, I am just enjoying it so much. I will use this result as a fuel for my future competitions and to achieve better results.”

2023 European Games Krakow In photo: Theodora gre Photo by Eva Pavia #BizziTeam


In TEAM WOMEN’S FOIL, ALICE VOLPI and MARTINA FAVARETTO clinched the Gold medal, exhibiting remarkable teamwork and skill.

Together with Francesca PALUMBO and Martina BATINI, they are ranked as the top eight fencers in the world and once again, they have kept all expectations very high!

Do you want to live the chance to meet one of them?

Well, Alice Volpi will be part of our Chiang Mai (Thailand) fencing camp: what are you waiting for?


The Team Men’s Foil division was set ablaze by the fiery skills of DANIELE GAROZZO and ALESSIO FOCONI, who captured the Gold medal in a dazzling display of swordplay.

But the Silver medal wasn’t far behind, thanks to the valiant performance of Enzo Lefort!

An outstanding success, we can’t be more proud of these incredible warriors who keep showing their technical values and their burning passion not only in worldwide competitions but also in our several camps.

Let’ keep spreading the fencing passion among new generations of champions!

Daniele Garozzo, Alessio Foconi and Enzo Lefort European Fencing Games 2023


The TEAM WOMEN’S EPEE proved their mettle with ESZTER MUHARI leading the charge to a sensational second-place finish.

FEDERICA ISOLA also stood tall on the podium, claiming a glorious Bronze medal.

These fierce ladies remind us that Epee is not just a weapon—it’s a statement of determination!


In the realm of TEAM MEN’S EPEE, FEDERICO VISMARA and ANDREA SANTARELLI unleashed some lightning-fast attacks, securing a well-deserved Bronze medal!

We know them very well, being part of our camps, these fencing knights fearlessly defended their honor on the strip after all their past achievements.


Now, let’s switch weapon to the Team Women’s Saber category, where ROSSELLA GREGORIO displayed her mesmerizing skills, winning a dazzling Silver medal.

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS to our staff for their remarkable achievements in the European Games 2023.

These victories not only honor Italy but also reinforce our commitment to excellence and support for young fencers.

In addition, they get some important points for the Olympic Qualification in Tokyo!

But for now, we eagerly await the upcoming world championships in Milan, where we’re going to gather all together for the ultimate fencing experience: we arranged a very exclusive and high-level camp, something different from everything you have ever seen!

See you there! 😁