FCC’s triumph at the 2023 Fencing World Championships in Milan

A tale of ambition, passion, and relentless pursuit of excellence: this is how we define the chronicle of FCC’s triumph at the 2023 World Fencing Championships in Milan!

Future Champions Camp has set Milan ablaze!

Our vision of discovering and nurturing future fencing talents has come to fruition, as their star-studded staff, comprising Olympic and World Champions, struck gold at the tournament.

Let’s relive the electrifying moments of their victories and extend a warm invitation to all aspiring fencers to join the upcoming Chiang Mai camp in Thailand from 7th to 13th August 2023. 

Let’s dive into our athlete’s results!

Alice Volpi: The Golden Queen of Fencing

In a breathtaking display of mastery, ALICE VOLPI soared to the pinnacle of excellence, securing not one but two Gold Medals!

Alice Volpi FCC 2023 World Fencing Championships
Alice Volpi FCC 2023 World Fencing Championships

In WOMEN’S FOIL individual she conquered the crown of World Champion winning 15-10 against Arianna ERRIGO in an all-Italian final!

Her relentless pursuit of success was further displayed as she, alongside Arianna ERRIGO, Martina FAVARETTO and Francesca PALUMBO, the team claimed the Gold in the WOMEN’S FOIL (team) category.

Alice volpi martina Favaretto 2023 Wirld Fencing Championships Women Team Foil
Alice Volpi FCC 2023 World Fencing Championships

Martina Favaretto and Lee Kiefer: the Bronze sparkles

Martina FAVARETTO proved again that she is a force to be reckon with, adding Silver and Gold to her impressive tally. 

As part of WOMEN’S TEAM FOIL she clinched the gold alongside her formidable teammates.

In WOMEN’S INDIVIDUAL FOIL also Favaretto displayed her sheer tenacity, securing the Bronze Medal standing tall alongside the esteemed Lee KIEFER!

Martina Favaretto FCC 2023 World Fencing Championships
Martina Favaretto FCC 2023 World Fencing Championships
Lee Kiefer 2023 World Fencing Championships
Lee Kiefer 2023 World Fencing Championships

Incredibly happy to have monopolized the podium along with her Italian colleagues (part of them are among our Staff too) she answered the press when asked:

To whom do you dedicate this medal?

FAVARETTO: “I dedicate it to those who have been close to me in this year that did not start well at the beginning, so to my family, my teacher Mauro Numa, my athletic trainer who is also my brother, Michel Favaretto, and my sports psychologist Bruno Demichelis.

Andrea Santarelli and Federico Vismara: Fencing Titans Unite

Our men also did not back down and emulated the triumph of their female colleagues.

In an unforgettable display of synergy and skill, ANDREA SANTARELLI and FEDERICO VISMARA took center stage in MEN’S TEAM EPEE.

Alongside Gabriele Cimini and Davide Di Veroli, they emerged as the victors beating France 45-32 in the final, claiming the Gold Medal and solidifying their status as fencing titans

Andrea Santarelli Federico Vismara FCC 2023 World Fencing Championships
Andrea Santarelli Federico Vismara FCC 2023 World Fencing Championships

Enzo Lefort and the Thrill of Bronze

Enzo Lefort graced the fencing arena with grace and brilliance, securing the Bronze Medal in the MEN’S INDIVIDUAL FOIL.

Preceded by Nick ITKIN’s Silver, Lefort faced title-holder Tommaso Marini, who at last year’s Worlds Championships was beaten in the final 15-14 by Lefort himself.


Gkountoura Theodora and Federica Isola: Embracing the Glory of Bronze and Silver

FCC’s achievements did not stop there as Gkountoura THEODORA and Federica ISOLA displayed their mettle.

Theodora claimed the Bronze medal in WOMEN’S INDIVIDUAL SABRE, while Federica ISOLA secured the Silver Medal in WOMEN’s TEAM EPEE.

Their performances radiated the essence of FCC’s core values – ambition, passion, respect, and friendship.

Gkountoura Theodora
Gkountoura Theodora
Federica Isola

We’ve witnessed the phenomenal triumphs of our staff at the Fencing World Championships in Milan…


CONGRATULATIONS to all of them, now these victories will lead all of our athletes to the HUGE final step: 2024 Paris Olympics.

To all aspiring fencers and young athletes, the journey to greatness begins at the Chiang Mai Camp, where you’ll have the incredible chance to meet the newly crowned World Champion ALICE VOLPI and train with these fencing legends.

So, pick up your foils and epees, and get ready to unleash the champion within you. The future of fencing is bright, and FCC will show you the way! 

See you there!

Chiang Mei Thailand

Chiang Mai Epee and Foil Camp

Meet the World Champion ALICE VOLPI and the other Olympians and Champions of FCC in this incredible camp in Thailand.