Fencing: the importance of quality preparation for Summer Nationals

Congratulations! It’s already a big deal to qualify for Summer Nationals, one of the biggest fencing tournament in North America. What’s next?

Summer Nationals Fencing preparation: how to stand out from the others?

Many fencers from different states will participate in Fencing Summer Nationals.

Being qualified for this competition already means that each participant is capable of having a good result, win a medal or even become the National Champion. The level is high and competitive, but who will be able to step up their game and be prepared for the challenge?

Who will be able to themselves the best possible way they can?

No doubt, you have trained hard for the whole season. You attended trainings, got private lessons, participated at many competitions, celebrated your wins and learned from your losses. You matured during this year and became stronger and more experienced.

But.. so did your opponents.

So what will really make the difference? What will give you that edge over others?

The secret is all about the last step: Future Champions Camps

Final part of the preparation for any competition makes a huge difference. It’s like the final touch when you are 14:14 – you have done your best to arrive here and now you need your “very best” to win.

Future Champions Camp knows how to hone in and achieve that “very best”.

We provide fencing camp experience since 2018 and we chose only most qualified and competent staff to work with us. Our team consists of Olympic medalists and World Champions, athletes, who have proved themselves to be the best on and off the strip. They are not only the best athletes who are strong on the strip but also bring amazing values and ethics. They have endless passion for fencing and would like to share their knowledge with you.

We have organized more than 30 camps in Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, China and we don’t want to stop.

The “final touch” you need in your Summer Nationals Fencing preparation

During Future Champions Camps in preparation for Summer Nationals our team will work on the “final touch” providing:

  1. technical and tactical training – fencing excercises, work in pairs, footwork
  2. physical training dedicated specially to “wake up” the qualities you will need at the competition – explosive power, stamina, speed, agility and coordination
  3. mental training – we will focus on a few  important aspects that you can control during the competition


  4. private lessons with our staff
  5. lot of sparring with best fencers

We will provide you an opportunity to share your personal goals, doubts or difficulties and our skilled and compassionate staff will work hard to find solutions specific to you.

We will work with you to personalize your training to make you improve!

Take a look at reviews of those who have already participated at our camps and let us know if you have any questions.

“It was a great experience. I loved the opportunity to make new acquaintances and train seriously but at the same time have fun with friends.”

Lucas, Lille 🇫🇷

“Inspiring fencing camp run by great fencers and brilliant coaches. This will for sure become one of the top summer fencing camps in the world in years to come.

review fcc
Matthew Haynes

“The Camp gave me the motivation to start this sporting year on a high note!”

Anne, Münster 🇩🇪

“Training with kids from many different countries and share great time with Olympic champions was something unique.”

Fabrizio, Pisa 🇮🇹

Are you a fencer and you want to train with World Champs and Olympics for Summer National Fencing preparation?

Los Angeles Fencing Camp

Los Angeles fencing camp is dedicated for FOIL fencers in preparation for the US Summer National Championships. FCC staff is composed by Coach Stefano Barrera and 4 members of FCC junior staff, international competitions medalists (2 cadet men and 2 cadet women).

seattle fencing camp summer national preparations

Seattle Fencing Camp

Seattle fencing camp is dedicated for EPEE fencers in preparation for the US Summer National Championships. FCC staff is composed by Coach Kosmas Karakolis, 2x times world champion Paolo Pizzo and two FCC junior staff members – Nicolo Del Contrasto and Carola Maccagno.