FCC shines at Italian U23 Championships and at Second National GPG Competition

Fencing is a sport that requires dedication, hard work, and skill that’s why when our staff members or participants succeed in competitions we are always thrilled to announce great achievements of our members.

Italian U23 Championships – FCC Junior Staff takes the podium

A weekend full of achievements for the FCC Junior Staff at the ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS U23 ended with Gold Medal in Epee Mixed Team Category  for Carola Maccagno together with her team of Centro Sportivo Aeronautica Militare.

She has been part of our FCC Junior Staff for Tirrenia Olympic Experience 2022 and for Seattle Camp (USA) 2022, where she assisted and supported our Staff in teaching young fencers.

Click here to read the full ranking of Epee Mixed Team Category.

On the same Championships, Claudia Memoli and Federico Pistorio conquer the Bronze Medal in the Foil Mixed Team Competition.
Claudia and Federico were also chosen to become members of FCC Junior Staff. We are happy they assist FCC in shaping the champions of tomorrow at our camps!

Here the full ranking of the Foil Mixed Competition.

Campionati Italiani U. 23 Fioretto Spada Sciabola M e F
Vercelli, April 13-16 2023 Italian U23 Championships M e F FRASCATI SCHERMA Picture: TRIFILETTI Andrea / Bizzi Team

Second Italian GPG competition – Sofia Mancini wins bronze

ANCONA – Another mention goes to Sofia Mancini, whose Fencing Coach  Tommaso Fabrizi is the FCC Foil Team Manager. 

The competition has registered about 750 athletes and it was focused on a remarkable motto: “Whatever the challenge, let joy win“.

As FCC we can’t be more happy and proud of Sofia and Tommaso!

Sofia Mancini and Tommaso Fabrizi
Sofia Mancini and Tommaso Fabrizi
Sofia Mancini and Tommaso Fabrizi

Check the full ranking of GPG here.

We hope that the success of our young members will inspire and motivate other fencers to continue working hard towards achieving their goals.

Our team at FCC is committed to supporting and encouraging our fencers in their future fencing careers with our international camps.

 We are proud to have these champions as part of our FCC family!

Images taken from www.federscherma.it

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